Hardware - construction manual

The arrangement looks basically like this:

For your first tests you can build a turn table with Lego e.g.:

On the round cardboard on the turn table I made small markings every 30°.

You need a calibration object, too, that can be made by yourself easily. You can print the pattern that is needed and glue it for example on a cardboard box. Wichtig ist, daß die beiden Flächen möglichst senkrecht zueinander stehen und daß das Muster an der dünnen gestrichelten Linie abgeschnitten wird, was der unteren Kante des Objekts entspricht.

automatic turn table

It requires a great deal of energy and it's probably not worth for private use. Anyway I show the constructed hardware. As motor a bipolar (2 coils) stepper motor is used. The turn table is rotated directly by a wheel on a lenghtening of the axis. You can see the side and top view of the opened box on the images.

Here are the circuitries for the electronics:

power supply:

motor control:

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